About Us

We are the leading UK’s debt charity program where you can get expert debt advice. Our Debt solutions are included with -

  • Debt management plan

  • Debt Relief order

  • Individual Voluntary arrangement.

  • Bankruptcy advice

  • Minimal Asset process

  • Equity Release

  • Debt arrangement Scheme

  • Protected Trust deed

  • Mortgage advice

Apart from this, we offer debt guides on the collection process, debt solutions, dealing with debt, types of debt and money and budgeting.

What Do We do?

  • Our team is best known for supporting people and help them in achieving long term financial control. That is why people are confident to rely on our advice.

  • We hire the most talented and experienced people in our team and help our clients to makes a difference in their lives.

  • Our team handles your budget, income, and debts.

  • The experts in our team will understand your situation and come out with effective solutions.

  • We will be there with you until you need support from us.

How Do We Make a Difference?

Every year thousands of people get benefitted from us. Some come with their crisis situation and some for seeking help. Our teams are efficient to handle any situation and provide the right solutions to their debt problems. Therefore, it is important to take control of the finances and life to pay off debts on time. Stepchange will assist you with that. We do not judge people and guide them on the basis of their situation. People get practical solutions from us. We have got good feedback from our clients as our advice makes a difference in their lives. The team deals with everything fast that make our clients stress free. Our main motive is to improve the life of our clients that is why people love to be a part of our team that brings a difference in their lives.

Our History

  • It was 1992 when we first started our journey. Vic Ware OBE and Malcolm Hurlston CBE deeply inspired by the Model of Consumer Credit Counselling and decided to establish Foundation for Credit Counselling. After that, it has been 25 years since our services are helping more than 650,000 people with their debts. During this long period, a lot have been changed including our name from the CCCs to StepChange Debt Charity.

  • It was Vic and Malcolm who took the first initiative and made a simple vision: No-one should have to pay for debt advice. In 1993, we launched our first debt advice center in Leeds as well as a debt management plan(DMP) so that people can easily repay their debts. Thus, we became the first pioneer in this field.

  • From 1995 our growing period had begun with our two new offices in Nottingham and Birmingham. In 1996, we finally succeeded to grab the attention of the creditors and established a permanent place in the UK credit industry. Not only we enlarged our debt counseling services but we also started helping more and more people including serving the people of Northern Ireland in 2001.

  • In 2006, we introduced our first online tool “Debt Remedy’ to help more people online. Through this online debt service, people can get free and confidential debt advice from our experts. From 2007 to 2010 we offer various debt solutions to the people including Individual Voluntary arrangements(IVAs), Debt relief orders(DROs), equity release subsidiary, and CCCSER. CCCSER is primarily launched to help those people who are over the age of 55 to repay their debts with more equity release solutions.

  • Finally, in the year 2012, we replaced our old name by the StepChange Debt Charity. It was an initiative to attract more people who needed help with their debt problems. We wanted to become more visible and more vocal to more people.

  • When we first released our Debt awareness week it was a huge success. Even the role of our debt advisors in Scotland changed into the money advisors. In the same year, Accountant in Bankruptcy approved our money advisors and allowed them to set up Debt payment Programmes(DPPs).

  • As more people knew our name, our plan worked. We made our debt advice clear, simple and prominent so that it can help more people. We not only applied for the role of payments Distributor of DPPs in Scotland but also got authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority for providing debt advice.

  • From 2017 onwards, we have been trying to prepare new or innovative debt solutions. We have a strong motive that focuses on to remove debt problems from society. Our journey is a never-ending process that is why we are not resting and eagerly waiting to launch more innovative ideas.

How to Get in Touch With Us?

We offer various ways through which people can easily contact us. Check out the below-mentioned details. Make sure before you call us, gather all the detailed information that we need to use for our budget form.

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