An Overview of The Best Debt Management Companies in the UK

Best Debt Management companies

Debt Management is a very necessary plan for every financial firm. A proper debt management plan not only helps to reduce the amount of debt but also balances the monthly payments effectively and lets you pay the debt affordably. The most common way to manage your debt strategies is going for the best debt management companies in UK. This not only reduces your stress of managing several financial accounts but also help in giving better option in getting lower interest rate.

There are various debt management companies in the UK, some of them are chargeable and some of them are free. When people struggle to make payment of their debts, these companies help those people. Those companies provide adequate support and required services when people aren’t able to pay their dues in time and become worried about the debts. 

By taking expert control of the finances of those people, who suffer due to debts, these companies also help to clear the debts in time. So without wasting any more time, let’s look at some famous debt management companies in the UK.


Stepchange is one of the famous companies, which provides adequate support and help in debt management services. By using the Debt remedy plan of this company anybody can discover the ideal plan for himself. You can decide the proper debt management plan depending on the amount of debt and your present income and expenditure. For a perfect debt management plan, you need to provide a detailed budget and have to plan accordingly.

Stepchange has an active helpline number, through which customers can easily reach the official support. More than 220k people have used the Debt remedy plan in 2015 and from 2016 onwards the service of Supercharge has got approximately 99% positive reviews. 

People often have used Stepchange’s service day and night to resolve their issues related to debt. You may also reach the official support any time when you aren’t able to manage the debts and seek their support. 

National Debtline:

Like  Stepchange, National Debtline is another famous debt management company in the UK. They work in a similar way to Stepchange’s debt remedy plan. It is one of the most renowned charities that work as a free debt management firm UK.

Through their official website, you can fill up a questionnaire where you need to provide the details of the debts, which will help you to choose the best plan for yourself. 

You can reach them through the web chat process available on their official website and may also call their helpline to get free support anytime for your debt.


Payplan is also one of the most renowned debt management plan companies UK, who offers free debt advice as well as management services. Like the above ones, Payplan doesn’t operate through the online service, rather they assign case officers with the client through their portals. 

To use Payplan’s service, you have to speak with an advisor through phone calls. They offer an effective solution to your debt problems. In fact, they also provide debt advice to their customers. 

The company had received 5.8 out of 10 ratings in Trustpilot from august 2016 and their review was 4.3 out of 5. Though in recent times, they have tightened the criteria of the debt management plan and have lost significant customers, still they are considered as one of the best Debt management companies in the UK.

The Money Advice Service:

The money advice service is a government launched service, which provides free as well as partial debt management services. It’s not a debt management company like the other ones.

People who are facing problems due to debt should visit the official website of The money advice service. In fact, people can reach them both through the web chat process and through phone calls.

Debt Advice Foundation:

The debt advice foundation is a famous charitable organization that provides free education as well as professional support regarding debt management. People can reach them through their official helpline number. The foundation provides advice to each individual to tackle their debts.

Debt Counsellors:

Debt counselors is another charitable organization that offers debt support through telephonic services. They don’t have any online help service section, rather you have to send them an email to arrange a phone call with them. In the email, you have to provide detailed information about your debt. They can help you with a wide range of debt solutions along with income maximization, administrative orders, and final settlements.

Parting Words: 

In the above section, we have mentioned some of the most famous debt management companies in the UK. Here, you not only get the company name but also get their mode of service and other relevant information. Anybody who needs debt management help will find it useful to get a clear idea about the famous debt management companies in the UK. For further assistance, people can always reach us by browsing our website. Additionally, if you have further queries in your mind, then you can put them in the comment section below. We would be happy to help you!